Birth of Cultures


BOC is a historical turn-based strategy game, inside of 4X sub-genre (Civilization, Humankind, Stellaris...)

Our game generates actual planets over the current largest maps in the strategy genre, plus up to 100 AI players/factions at the same time on a game.

Climate simulation: a world that will change progressively as time goes by. Players start from the last Ice Age (50,000 BC) up to the great ancient empires era and the fall of the western Roman empire (500 AC).




Camlann Games

Expected Release Date

Late 2023


In BOC, unlike other strategy games where the player chooses a particular faction, what we have is a sandbox-like combination of progression and cultures. At the beginning of the game, you will only have under your command a tiny nomadic tribe. This tribe is not Romans, Carthaginians, Persians, or Greeks, but depending on how you run them over the millennia, they may be one thing or another! In BOC, as happened in the real world, it is the geography and the decisions that you make as a player what, with the passage of time, is shaping the culture and identity of your people.

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